CSTAR is here to provide small business owners individualized services that help build the groundwork for success by utilizing our experience in business planning and operations, processes and administrative systems, research and strategies.  We help fill in the gaps where you may not have the skill, know-how or time. You do what you’re good at, and we’ll do what we’re good at. That’s the great thing about having partners in business!


Our mission is to support small business owners by utilizing our skills and experience, empowering them to more fully express their purpose in their business.


Enhancing the community through thriving entrepreneurs.


Delivering value with integrity; being present and respectful; encouraging empowerment.

Chris Farishon

Chris Farishon

“I love the planning aspect of being in business. I enjoy dealing with the details and lining them up with the big picture. …I have found great purpose and empowerment by being a business owner, and I want to encourage that in others. Even though we may be in business for ourselves, we are not by ourselves. We are in this together.”

CSTAR Owner, Chris Farishon, is an experienced small business entrepreneur having operated seven businesses; five of which were initiated from original concept to startup, then expansion through exit. The exception in those five being CSTAR in which she is still the active Founder and CEO. She is adept in the stages of building a company mission, brand, market positioning and strategic growth.

Along with her hands-on experience being a business owner, Chris also brings extensive knowledge of administrative systems from her background in Corporate America. The consistent threads through all her years of professional history are her natural tendencies for examination, details, and organization. Planning along with developing efficient systems is her wheelhouse.

In her previous venture, Chris was the Founder and CEO of a loose-leaf tea retail business which she built from the ground up with her own resources. Armed with a strong business plan, clear vision and purpose-driven mission, her and her team set out to make the world a better place by spreading love through tea. We launched, found incredible support from the community, quickly surpassed projections, and expanded to a second location in a year and a half. Not only did we have a strong local following, we simultaneously grew an online e-commerce outlet plus wholesale accounts with other small businesses in the area. Nearly seven years in running the business, she sold it to two of her employees whom she mentored through the years. They now continue on the mission.

Of course, no one does business in a vacuum. If it were not for contracting the services of others in business around her and the incredibly supportive community of fans that gathered around tea, the dream would not have become reality. Chris knows the vital importance of collaboration with others in order to build success step by step.