Following Your North Star

Business Plans written with purpose, clarity, and utility for mapping success

Sometimes a great business idea is just an idea floating around in space. Until it can be laid out, examined from all angles and assessed, it is yet to be determined whether it is really viable. A Business Plan is essential for success. It is a good idea to start with one and continue to have the Plan as a living document to be updated as the business evolves and aims for new heights.

The Business Plan is your navigational tool. It maps out the what, why, who, and how of the business. It charts out where you want to go and how you plan to get there. Plus, the Plan helps you maintain focus, steer decision making when things get uncertain, and measure your defined success.

The Business Plan helps you fine tune your brand, mission, market, unique offerings, financial requirements, and growth strategy. With it, you can build confidence around your idea. After the business is up and running, it is also a very useful tool for reflection, pinpointing weak spots or indicating where the business may need to pivot.

Business Plans are not a one-size-fits-all solution. At CSTAR, we do not use a fill-in-the-blank template, but rather create a unique, individualized Plan for each business depending on the appropriate format, stage of evolution, and internal/external uses.

Clearing Your Path in Order to Shine

Administrative Support to save time and grow your business

Admin SystemsIf what you are selling as a product or service is the meat of the business, administrative systems are the bones of the operation helping you move towards your goals. CSTAR is here to help create a path to efficiency by tackling the day to day administrative tasks and special projects.

It is easy for things to pile up and get out of hand, and the office eventually becomes the most avoided place. Business owners are passionate about their product or service but don’t often take the time to focus on the not-so-fun but very necessary parts of conducting business. With established, efficient systems, you are able to focus more time and energy on the fun (and more profitable!) aspects of your business.

CSTAR will help position your operation for success from the inside by supporting in an administrative capacity, taking on business and administrative projects. That way, you can focus on your strengths and grow your business.

Discovering Your Hidden Gem

Research Analysis for strategic positioning in the marketplace

Another component of determining a viable business opportunity is examining where it sits in the marketplace. What are the needs of the market or industry? Will the business stand out against the competition? What will need to be done to ensure success in the business objectives? Market research can give indications of what the obstacles are to be overcome when starting a business as well as ongoing to remain competitive. An examination of the marketplace in which you will position your business is critical for developing strategies, and CSTAR is able to help with thorough research and analysis.

CSTAR also offers research and comparison reporting on such things as product sourcing, equipment purchasing, virtual location scouting and other subjects as needed.


Because our services are specifically tailored for our clients’ individual needs, project rates will vary. One client may need a business plan plus market research; another client may need help with product sourcing; another may need fully documented SOPs. Each business is unique, and at CSTAR we recognize the necessity to customize the requirements.

After an initial consultation and assessment, a proposal is provided to you with the defined scope of work and project fee with payment schedule. In that proposal may be suggested next steps to consider.